Software Update (31 May 2009)

Over the weekend, we rolled out and update to our directory and online booking services.

Many of the changes are steps along the road towards Version 3.0 - some of the changes and new features are highlighted below.

Entry Names in URLs

From now on the name of an entry will appear in the URL when navigating through the directory. e.g. 

Improved Canonicalization

Searching for "microwave & WiFi access" will now generate the same URL as searching for "WiFi access & microwave" which will prevent presenting search engines with unnecessary pages.

There have also been improvements to the canonicalization of multi-page results linking.

All clients now benefit from 301-redirects to a single domain e.g in a browser, typing

  • "" now redirects to
  • ""

What is "canonicalization"?

Console UI improvements

We have made some improvements to the user interfaces in the new console*, allowing searching from more locations and giving user feedback when filtering searches.

*Booking only at present

New Metaphors

One of the primary goals of version 3.0 is to allow the administration of the booking system and directory from a single console and combine the metaphors used in both systems.

We have introduced the concepts of Websites, Directories & Syndicates replacing the old "Brands" and "Published Brand Searches".

Although not live yet booking clients will see similar changes soon - Directories replacing "Sales Channels" and Syndicates replacing "Affiliates".

One Directory, Different Layout

It is now possible for us to provide differently laid out search results in every Syndicate. We are using it already on Best of British:

This allows us to provide specialist syndicate on a given web site with unique URLs, filtered content and different layout.

Template Websites

The template website functionality, allowing an entry to have website like functionality, has been removed as this functionality can be completely replicated within our new layout system.

We have converted a number of the old template websites across to use layouts and are continuing the process of converting other templates that are still in use.