In large part this update was a maintenance release while we work on a few larger changes to the directory and booking system that will see a radical change to the booking console. These changes will make their way across to the directory consoles in the fullness of time! Stay tuned for more information ...

We still managed to squeeze in some nice new features though...

Package Upgrades

Package Upgrades

Would it not be nice if entries contacted you to request an enhanced entry on your directory? Well, they can now.

Directory managers can now define upgrade paths for entries.

Entries can upgrade their packages when they log in the directory site to update their entry.

A link to the accounts system can be added to define a price for this upgrade and when purchased by the entry, a new line is added in the accounts for the entry ready for sending an invoice!

Editing Legals from the settings tab (Rental Reserve)

Property Managers can now edit their own legals allowing them to change the terms and conditions shown to their guests on the booking screens and confirmation emails.

Quick Price Checker

Price Checker

We have added an AJAX price checker to the property pages on the Rental Reserve brands allowing users to change their dates of stay and get a quick indication of the price for their stay before starting the booking process.