We are making really good progress with improvements to our core systems, such as users, consoles and rationalising the concepts behind the directory and booking engines.

One of the fruits of this labour is our new stand alone booking system - Bookster...

Bookster Dashboard

Bookster BETA goes live

Get your holiday property online today!

Tribalogic have launched a BETA version of their new online booking system for holiday property letting.

It is FREE to sign up and will accept your booking for free until March 18th! Sign Up now and try out Bookster for yourself!

  • Innovative and simple booking process
  • Easy rates editor
  • No Payment Gateway required
  • No set up fee
  • No annual contract

Check out www.booksterhq.com!

Tracking Booking Affiliates

Booking affiliates can be tracked by point point to a URL "/welcome/<affiliateid>". (on Joomla this would typically be /directory/welcome/<affiliateId>).

This will track the affiliate in both session and cookies then 301 redirect to the home page. This should mean that inbound links of this kind are good for SEO.

AA Directions on Caravan Sitefinder

We have integrated AA directions and mapping into www.caravansitefinder.co.uk to allow step-by-step directions to be shown on the location maps for caravan parks.

Example: Golden Sands Park Location Map

Also in this update:

  • Sub-Layouts - In listing pages, would it be nice to highlight some of the search results before the main body of results? This is now possible through sub-layouts.
  • New Zend Framework 1.7.4 - As always, we are keeping up to date with the latest version of the Zend Framework.