During this release cycle we have been working on a number of updates to our core system that will bear fruit at a later date but there are still plenty of exciting things going on to tell you about.

Bookster Booking Screens


Online Booking for short term / holiday accommodation

We are launching an online booking service aimed at holiday letting in 2009 and have made some significant advances in this release:

  • The booking screens have been made public
  • We have made excellent progress on administrative consoles.

Property owners / managers will be able to sign up for a monthly fee and get online booking screens.

Check out the Bookster product web site at www.booksterhq.com

Reset Password

Password Reminders

The email sent to users to reset their passwords have been simplified and improved.

The process by which users subsequently reset their password has also been updated, smoothing out password reset problems.

This applies to brand managers, group managers, entry log-ins and standard users log-ins.

Package Upgrades

When an entry upgrades their package an email can now be sent to inform a directory administrator of the upgrade.

Item Tracking

Tracking Item Requests

Item requests (PDF brochures, info emails, call-back requests etc.) are now tracked by brand and published directory.

Items requested from within the directory are now tracked per brand and per published directory, allowing better feedback on where items are being requested from.

Check out the Build-It Infofinder web site operated by Mailbox Media.

Edinburgh Self Catering

Rental Reserve have put live a holiday property site for Edinburgh Self Catering:
- Includes online booking
- Directory Software
- Joomla CMS

See www.edinburgh-selfcatering.co.uk

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Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

The Tribalogic Team