Data Stream

The last release we ended up releasing a fair few changes earlier than we intended. This was all mainly fallout due to our office move which meant we had to suspend one of the bigger changes to the booking system until the following week (as our scheduled office downtime on the Friday following the release would have meant that fixing any issue that arose would have been pretty tricky!)

So the big change to the booking system was rolled out a little late and one of our core developers Gerome is off on a two week holiday, and therefore less major changes happened this time around.

One feature that has been implemented is to allow Group Managers to create other Group Managers. This is quite useful but will probably be subject to change as we overhaul the whole user and authentication system in the next few months (that's the current plan at any rate!).

Numerous incremental improvements were made to the new mapping UI, including the use of miles vs. km (brand preference) and ordering the search results by distance. Some tweaks still need to be done there (to accommodate other ordering preferences - distance kinda overrides them all right now!).

We also made use of the new import mechanism deployed last time round to import several sets of data for various customers. We also added some new geographic regions to our Tribalogic database, which allows us to support customers in America and Russia.