20,000 lines we won't miss

We are still firmly on the march towards Version 3.0.

As part of this process, the last 2 releases of the software have seen a slimming down of our code by a mammoth 20,000 lines.

New Features and Updates

Return to your last search

One simple addition is that it is now possible to place a link on the full info pages of our directories that returns users to their last search.

Master Syndicates

One Entry, Many Listings

By using syndicates, specific listings can be created from the one directory.

For example, see The Edinburgh Address: All Apartments vs; Young Street Apartments.

As part of this release you can now ensure that only one version of your entry pages are visible to search engines.

If you would like this enabled, let us know which is your "Master Directory" and we will switch it on for you.

More Images

We have increased the image limit to 100 for any given entry.

This level is set in the admin console on a per package or entry-by-entry.

Bookster Show Time Interfaces

Tickets (seating areas) and their capacities can now be updated for a given show.

Performance names and times are also now configurable via the console.


  • Clicking on images in lightbox no longer take back to homepage
  • Sorting by reviews is working again