Major Changes

  • Availability Searching:  a mode of availability searching that includes entries that do not have online booking is now available
  • Admin Console: Tags
    • Create and edit of Tags 
    • Search for Entries based on Tags
  • Admin Console: A Website's "Mailing list" management can now be done within the Admin Console
  • ZenDesk integration - single login: logging into our support system can be achieved using your Tribalogic login details

Minor Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Admin Console: move basic settings from Brand Console to Admin Console
  • Email Marketing Suite: Fix problem of review rating not being passed to Email Marketing Suite
  • Admin Console: Stop help text and link to basic search sometimes vanishing in advanced search 
  • Bookster: improve availability screen UI
  • Bookster: fix problem with availability screens
  • Bookster: fix a bug that sometimes caused Legals to not update