Ability to delete stuff in the Admin Console

Written by Robin Morris

I know this sounds crazy, but there has never been a way for our Administators to delete Entries (properties, caravan parks etc.) in our Admin Console.

Well, now you can.

delete entry action in the Admin Console

The reason it has taken us so long to implement this feature is that there are many implications of deleting something.  For example, although you might have stopped managing a holiday property and no longer wish to see it when you log into the Admin Console, you do not want to lose historic bookings that were made to that property.

Balance payments in the Dashboard

Written by Robin Morris

As of today, balance payments will now show up on your Dashboard timeline in the Admin Console.

Balance payments showing up in Admin Console dashboard timeline

This means you are more likely to get that reassuring feeling that your guest has paid you!

Platform Update (v2.119)

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Admin Console: give certain classes of Administrators the ability to delete Entries, Groups, Services and Subscriptions
  • Admin Console: when a user makes a balance payment, it will now appear in the Dashboard
  • Admin Console: reinstatement of booking Timeline view under the "Bookings" tab
  • Booking: on booking process, when Payment Gateway is PayPal, add the text "Payment will be taken via PayPal, you will be directed to the PayPal website to complete the transaction" and update the continue button to say "Continue to PayPal"

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: add a mechanism to affix the header of the console in place
  • Admin Console: update Bookster rates styles
  • Admin Console: improve remembering that users are logged in to avoid losing changes made over a long period of time
  • Admin Console: remove "C:\fakepath\" from appearing when uploading images
  • Admin Console: add an Entry Type filter under the "Entries" tab
  • Admin Console: fixed bug on promotion codes interface
  • Admin Console: fix a bug in IE8 that prevented the deleting of availability blocks
  • Admin Console: fix a bug in the extras interface set all extras to have a min quantity of 1
  • Admin Console: fix a bug in the opening times form
  • Booking: do not allow Google to spider the links on the calendar
  • Booking, Websites: clean up any links to view pages with start dates in them
  • Platform: add a work around to a PHP crashing issue
  • Platform: added a basic boolean Element type for storing yes/no values

No longer supporting Internet Explorer 8

Written by Robin Morris

ie8-logoFrom 1st February 2013 we will no longer support the use of Internet Explorer 8 within our Admin Console.  

This will effect less than 2% of our users.

We will also stop checking client websites in IE8 as a matter of course.

Why can't we support it forever? 

Technologies and browsers move on, and we want to take adantage of them.

IE8 has limited support for HTML 5 and other web technologies that we want to use and give our users the best possible experience.


Publish availability to TripAdvisor

Written by Robin Morris

FlipKey (owned by TripAdvisor) now support reading the iCal feed that Tribalogic Management Toolkit enabled properties produces to publish availability.


Finding your iCal link in the Admin Console (Management Toolkit bolt-on clients only):

  • Go to your Property
  • Click on "Actions"
  • Click on "Share + Embed"
  • Look for iCal

See how to set it up within FlipKey.

Platform Update (v2.118)

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Admin Console: new look and feel
  • Admin Console: responsive design to work better when viewed on mobile devices
  • Admin Console: new consolidated "Actions" menu
  • Admin Console: improved Tagging of Entries
  • Admin Console: improved commenting on Bookings
  • Admin Console: improved Booking view
  • Bookster Rooms, Bookster Pitch: assign Extras to a specific Room or Pitch type
  • Payment Gateways: add support for DataCash
  • Payment Gateways: new "basic check" payment gateway type

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: use the Bootstrap HTML/CSS/JS framework
  • Admin Console: improvements to the share dialogue
  • Admin Console: improvements to the "add booking" wizard
  • Admin Console: speed improvements
  • Management Toolkit: include property name in the iCal availability feed
  • Sales XML feed reader: improved error reporting
Lines added: 34k, lines removed: 23.5k affecting 1.2k files.

Changes to the Admin Console

Written by Robin Morris

We have updated our secure Admin Console.

A brand new look

We have introduced a new clean look and feel to our Admin Console.


Responsive to mobile

We have used responsive techniques to ensure that the console looks great across a whole spectrum of devices.  This is going to be especially useful for mobile users.

Admin Console on an iPhoneTribalogic Admin Console on a mobile

New features include...

  • consolidated "Actions" menu - a single menu where you can look to carry out various tasks relating to the page you are viewing
  • better searching and filtering
  • improved Tagging of Entries
  • enhanced commenting on Bookings
  • a new Booking view

single booking view

Management Toolkit: using your iCal calendar

Written by Robin Morris

Where can I find a link to the iCal availability calendar?

When logged into the Admin Console, look for the "Share" heading when viewing your property.

Why is this useful?

The iCal formatted feed can be used to

  1. view your vacation rental's availability in your favourite calendar application 
    ical logo GoogleCalendarLogo Outlook.com logo yahoo logo1
  2. publish availability to 3rd party listing websites
     airbnb-logo wimdu-logo

Tell me more...

Find out more about the iCalendar availability feed.

Mobile interfaces for client websites: worth it?

Written by Robin Morris

Having implemented a number of mobile specific interfaces for client websites, I wondered if they had actually been successful.

sitefinder-mobile-homeMobile version of Caravan Sitefinder

So what would constitute success?

Basically, the main question would be:

Have mobile users been more engaged with a mobile version of the website?

Which analytics year-on-year statistics to use to see if the mobile version has been successful?

As a quick assessment visitor numbers can't really be a valid gauge as mobile traffic is rising so dramatically.

TEA-HTC-homepageMobile version of The Edinburgh Address

Average visit duration is probably out too, as a good mobile site will more quickly get users around your site and mobile visitors tend to be on a site for a shorter period.

Page views / visit

The one that seems to fit the bill is page views / visit.  If you are achieving a higher number of page views / visit you are broadly allowing users to navigate more easily through your content.

So, looking only at visitors using a mobile device, I took a recent month when the mobile site existed and the same period in a previous year when it did not exist and compared the two.

Here were the results:

before mobile interfaces with mobile interfaces % increase
Site 1 3.77 4.87 29%
Site 2 2.68 5.80 116%
Site 3 5.58 8.18 69%
 Average 71%

Not really a surprising result, but it looks like users will be far more engaged with a specifically designed mobile interface than a traditional desktop one.

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