Ida at Tribalogic

Written by Ida Béma

My name is Ida BÉMA. I come from Cameroon but I have been living in France for 13 years. I am studying international trade studies in France and during my first year I have to do a work placement in a foreign company abroad. My internship consists of looking for new customers during a period of nine weeks.

Tribalogic's office on Rutland Square
Tribalogic office

Platform Update (v2.123)

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Admin Console: Admin users can now assume identity of lower users to assist with support
  • Admin Console: Improve manual bookings to support adding historical bookings
  • Admin Console: upgrade Google Analytics API and improve assignment of GA Profiles to Websites on the Client page
  • Platform: add a setting in Listing Services to display Entry pages with a "noindex" meta tag

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: fix a bug that caused 'undefined' to appear in the modal dialogue box after adding a user
  • Admin Console: fix a problem that was causing all Accommodation to be displayed when clicking 'next' after a search
  • Admin Console: can now specify a ZenDesk landing page
  • Booking: fix a problem where a booking may have been placed twice under certain circumstances
  • Google Analytics: include extras and discounts in the transaction passed into eCommerce tracking; improved support for currencies
  • Platform: upgrade jQuery UI
  • Platform: add validation of email & telephone numbers on Enquiry forms to stop random data being posted
  • Platform: upgraded Sagepay use version 3 of their API - support MasterCard debit and passing surcharges to SagePay's terminal
  • Platform: start putting in place infrastructure to charge for Subscriptions on a monthly basis via Sagepay

Reserve apartments goes responsive

Written by Robin Morris

We have been working on a responsive version of Reserve Apartments ( so that it looks great no matter which screen size or device you are viewing it on.

We pushed it live on Monday and are really happy with the results.

"We decided to go responsive as the proportion of our visitors using smart phones and tablets has risen dramatically over the past few months.

"By providing real time online booking and catering to the smart phone and tablet market, I believe that Reserve offers the best experience for our guests."

Gareth Thomas, Reserve Apartments

phone version
Phone version

tablet version
Tablet version

desktop version of reserve apartments
Desktop version

By making Reserve Apartments responsive, it should make it easier for their guests to browse through all of their apartments on the move using a smart phone or tablet.

More about responsive web design:

Property Portfolio with our starter templates

Written by Robin Morris

We are getting some great feedback on our Property Portfolio websites with starter Bootstrap template.

Get up and running today...

So what makes it such a great option for holiday property managers?

  • We make it easy
  • On hand to help you every step of the way
  • Proven to work

rent-edinburgh-flatsAvailability searching from your home page

Instant booking

Get onling booking today - compatible with Bookster Self Catering

  • instant booking
  • take payments
  • availability searching

find-pageProperty Portfolio: availability searching with prices

Answer the guest questions before they ask...

  • filtered searching
  • list holiday property facilities

view-facilitiesList all properties facilities

Moving a booking

Written by Robin Morris

Until now, if you needed to change the dates of a booking, you would have to cancel and create a new booking.

We have released an update to the Platform to allow you to adjust the dates of any existing booking in the Admin Console.


Platform Update (v2.122)

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Admin Console: new help page - presents a form for Entry Administrators to request support (overridden by a ZenDesk integration)
  • Admin Console: allow the dates of a booking to be altered
  • Admin Console: improve messages relating to balance due date
  • Platform: support passing booking information to the FeeFo independent review service
  • Property Portfolio: improvements to property information pages in the default Bootstrap Template

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: improve Dashboard display
  • Admin Console: fix a problem with Tagging caused by the jQuery upgrade
  • Admin Console: IE8 users are now being asked to upgrade their browser
  • Booking: send an email to guests confirming when a balance payment has been successfully made
  • Platform: convert basket/items system to an enquiry-based system
  • Platform: update geolocation text label from "near" to "in or around"
  • Platform: show the correct currency when showing prices in the listing pages

Platform Update (v2.121)

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Admin Console: show which Websites a User has logged in to
  • Admin Console: sales and rental Enquiries combined all Enquiries and now available under the Enquires tab
  • Admin Console: creating a Booking is now available via the "Actions" menu
  • Admin Console: show Subscriptions Users are directly subscribed to in the top menu
  • Admin Console: allow "Sales and Rentals" to be shown in the Admin Console
  • Admin Console: iCal sharing is now available to all Bookster users
  • Platform: no longer supporting Internet Explorer 8 on the platform
  • Platform: send an email to a user to confirm their balance payment has been successfully made

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: upgrading of jQuery to 1.9.1
  • Admin Console: removal of "Reviews" text box from the Edit menu of all Types of Entry
  • Admin Console: removal of Prowl integration that was never used
  • Admin Console: improve reading of YouTube URLs when adding them as Entry videos
  • Admin Console: store booking service with a booking and list in the Bookings Export

TripAdvisor badges on Property Portfolio websites

Written by Robin Morris

Our Property Portfolio websites now support the ability to place TripAdvisor and FlipKey ratings on each property page.


If you wish, you can now display your great Trip Advisor ratings on you own website with the Property Portfolio website.

Associate TripAdvisor with a property


In the Admin Console:

  • under "My Properties" or "Entries"
  • then look for the "Feedback" menu
  • paste in the TripAdvisor URL and click "parse"
  • click "save" and you are done!

Where will it show up on my website?

If you have a bespoke layout and style we may need to add the the badges to property pages so that they show up for you.

There are a few badges to choose from so we will ask you which one you want.

Example: Badge on property page



New comments in the Admin Console

Written by Robin Morris

We have added the ability to leave comments against various objects in the Admin Console.


Administrators can now leave comments on the following items

  • Entries (Properties etc.)
  • Bookings
  • Services (e.g. listing services)
  • Subscriptions
  • Syndicates
  • Reviews
  • Enquiries

Even if Entries are published across multiple websites, these comments are per Tribalogic client so Administrators from other companies will not see your comments. 

Platform Update (v2.120)

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Admin Console: Administrators can now leave comments on Bookings and Entries
  • Admin Console: Migrate some Types of Entry to the secure Admin Console (attraction, gallery, golfclub, restaurant, property)
  • Admin Console: Add the ability to leave a Comment while cancelling a Booking
  • Property Portfolio: All information on Properties is now edited in the Admin Console by Property Managers
  • Property Portfolio: TripAdvisor badges can now be displayed on a per-property basis if desirable

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: Entry content menus only show up if the Entry has a Listing Subscription
  • Admin Console: Update to Bootstrap 2.2.2
  • Admin Console: Fix notice and make the calendar work
  • Websites: Allow the disabling of confirmation emails when enquiring
  • Admin Console: Do not suggest retired resources as potential additions to ACLs
  • Admin Console: Fix some problems with adding promo codes

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