Software update (v2.129)

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Admin Console: allow the cookie compliance message to be edited
  • Bookster: improve confirmation emails
  • Payments: support for taking payments via the Stripe payment gateway (see
  • Payments: support for taking payments via the PayPal Pro (aka "PayPal Payments Pro (Direct Payment)" or "Website Payments Pro")
  • Platform: switch the YouTube player to the recommended iframe method

Minor updates and bugfixes

  • Admin Console: improve the text of the message in a booking if the remaining balance less than zero
  • Admin Console: add Type options to suppress the dashboard and stats pages
  • Admin Console: allow deities to change an Entry created by/author
  • Admin Console: do not include retired Directories in the list when creating a new Subscription
  • Email Marketing Suite: ensure that email lists are updated when a user's role changes
  • Platform: created a rating Element so that Administrators can assign a rating to an Entry for the public to view
  • Platform: do not include Bootstrap in the Joomla Administrator
  • Platform: update default Bootstrap to 2.3.2
  • Platform: allow users to be assigned to subscriptions as primary contact
  • Platform: the experience date of a review must be in the past
  • Platform: improvements to the per-Entry "Add review" form
  • Platform: add ability to display the latest review from an Entry
  • Platform: attempt to tidy up the HTML entity status of accommodationTribalogic have updated their Platform. Updates include

New! - log in using Facebook, Twitter and Google

Written by Robin Morris

Allow your users to log in using Facebook, Twitter or Google!

facebook and twitter log in

We have introduced a new feature for Tribalogic Websites that allows users to log in using their accounts on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google

Why is this great?

It means that to register as a user on your Tribalogic Website, they can do so by simply clicking on the "Sign in with Facebook" button.

This means:

  • a quicker route to adding reviews
  • easier to adjust their email list settings

How do I set this up?

You need to set your Website up as an "app" in Twitter, Facebook or Google and then fill out the details in the Admin Console:

  • Admin Console -> Websites
  • Look for "Social log in"
  • Add you App IDs
  • Click "save" and that is it!



Platform Update (v2.128)

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Admin Console: allow users to login to admin console using their email address
  • Platform: Twitter authentication - allow users to register / log in using Twitter on your Tribalogic Platform website
  • Platform: Google authentication - allow users to register / log in using Google on your Tribalogic Platform website
  • Platform: Facebook authentication - allow users to register / log in using Facebook on your Tribalogic Platform website
  • Platform: include Entry names in image URLs to improve search engine visibility

Minor updates and bugfixes

  • Admin Console: standardise the creating and editing of user rating categories
  • Admin Console: add a Website option that will add Bootstrap to a Tribalogic website
  • Platform: fix breadcrumbs formatting
  • Platform: allow the default marker-cluster icons to be overridden
  • Platform: convert the User console to a more Zend-y structure
  • Platform: add an improved user registration form
  • Platform: improve price cache lookup for multi-unit entries
  • Platform: correct calendar markup errors
  • Platform: add a field for job title to User console
  • Platform: fix up a few errors relating to Subscription payments

Platform Update (v2.127)

Written by Robin Morris


  • Admin Console: improve the "Share+Embed" interface
  • Booking: improve performance on booking screens when doing price look ups
  • Platform: can now order Entries by last updated
  • Platform: allow users to login using an email address
  • Platform: improve support for taking monthly payments (via Sagepay) against a Subscription in the Admin Console

Minor and bugfixes

  • Admin Console: warning message about changes not going live immediately
  • Admin Console: only show iCal feed to appropriate Entries
  • Booking: various performance improvements
  • Booking: fixed a bug in the calendar was displaying some non-bookable dates, when the user selected these dates they were told cannot find a price
  • Platform: in layouts allow the inclusion of cross-Type Entries (e.g. show a nearby Property when viewing a list of Attractions)
  • REST API: more progress towards releasing a REST JSON/XML API
  • WordPress: update plugins (Akismet to v2.6.8, iframe to v2.7, custom-post-type-ui to v0.8, nextgen-gallery to v1.9.13, simple-local-avatars to v2.0, w3-total-cache to v0.9.2.11)

Platform Update (v2.126)

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Admin Console: ensure Administrators can assign Users to Subscriptions
  • Admin Console: improvements to the Share + Embed interface
  • Admin Console: allow paid Services to be easily toggled on/off
  • Admin Console: added an editors pick flag to Reviews
  • Platform: allow Entries to be filtered based on Element having content

Minor changes and bug fixes

  • REST API: make more progress towards releasing a public REST API
  • Platform: added a layout option to include pagination rel tags in the header
  • Platform: remove various legacy brand console interfaces
  • Platform: remove lots of unused code
  • Platform: various caching improvements
  • Platform: ensure searches for user ratings work correctly

Platform Update (v2.125)

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Admin Console: improved performance of the "Bookings" tab
  • Admin Console: allow filtering using Website drop-down on Enquiries tab
  • Admin Console: add filter for Entries NOT having items selected (e.g. show all Properties that "Does not have" Linen provided)
  • Booking: improve handling of failed 3D-secure bookings

Minor changes and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: rename 'contact' fields and make 'manager' fields more clearly for Administrative purposes
  • Admin Console: improve "Entries" tab to make it clearer when looking at multiple Types
  • Admin Console: make a start on defining a new REST API
  • Booking: fix JavaScript inclusion errors on balance payments
  • Booking: Fixed bug in multi-unit-availability
  • Google Analytics: fix a problem that would break eCommerce tracking on some Websites
  • Feefo: create content module for displaying Feefo reviews on Entry pages

A day with Coast Properties

Written by Ida Béma

Ida is a French International business studies student on placement with Tribalogic

After a business & marketing studies and a fashion degree, Gillian Cameron worked for the family property letting business for many years until the company was bought over.


Starting from nothing, she founded Coast Properties in 2006. At the beginning, she worked from home - she set up her own office with her colleague Julie Da Costa in 2007. Julie worked with Coast for six months before leaving and then being tempted back.

Platform Update (v2.124)

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Platform: major improvement in the caching of content Elements
  • Property Portfolio: improve enquiry forms date input to pick from a calendar

Minor changes and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: fix required fields when adding accommodation for sale or rent
  • Admin Console: improve help and status output on accommodation for sale or rent XML reader
  • Admin Console: fix bug in display of Google Analytics
  • Admin Console: fixed bugs in promotions code
  • Bookster: improve Bookster rates editor

An afternoon with The Edinburgh Address

Written by Ida Béma

As part of my time as a student working with Tribalogic, I spent an afternoon with one of their clients: The Edinburgh Address.

The Edinburgh Address is a serviced and self catering properties company founded by Anne Marie McEwen and Anna Morris in March 2008.

At first sight, we can think that they are an estate agency, but not really. Indeed, they specialise in renting their client's apartments for holiday rentals. They manage 20 properties at this time.


The firm has been headed by Anna Morris and Anne Marie McEwen since the beginning. The company has two leaders, three full time staff and one part time - Rachael, Kirsty, Erin and Siobhan. Yesterday, I was hosted by Rachael who specialises in Marketing. She cares for the company Facebook and Twitter pages. There's also Siobhan who is the Sales and Marketing Assistant who works part-time. Erin and Kirsty handle Guest Relations.

Assume identity of your Entry Managers

Written by Robin Morris

It is now possible to assume the identiy of lower users that have logged into your website.

See the the Admin Console as your clients see it

Admin Console: see what your Entry Managers see

When you "assume identity", it is as if you have logged in as one of your clients.


Admin Console: "assume identity"

When viewing a User in the Admin Console, our Website Managers can view the Admin Console in the same way your Entry managers.



Admin Console: assign users to Entries

Once a User has registered for an account on a Tribalogic Website, they can be assigned to any Entry... the next time they log in they will see a link to the Admin Console to update the details for their Entry.



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