Mobile booking for Reserve

Written by Robin Morris

We have pushed out a major update to the booking process for Reserve and other websites using the Reserve booking service.

Responsive to all screen sizes

Guests now get a mobile friendly experience through the entirety of their booking journey.


Mobile and tablet have become such a large part of the mix that it is vital to ensure the booking process works across a broad range of screen sizes.

Platform update (v2.148)

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Admin Console: complete rewrite of ‘add booking’ process
    • can now add bookings from the main ‘Bookings’ tab
  • Booking: responsive booking screens
    • new booking screens for Reserve Apartments
    • multiple bug fixes and framework improvements
    • tested across various browsers and devices
  • Booking: attempt to pre-select guest’s country based on IP during booking process
  • Bookster: take new users directly to the console when registering

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • API: add support for outputting a Feature List in JSON
  • Admin Console: order the Syndicate selection when creating bookings
  • Admin Console: link directly to the “Arrivals’ area from the Dashboard
  • Admin Console: ability to add Maintenance Manager and Cleaner users on request
  • Booking: fixed bug in group extras when there were no extras in the group
  • Booking: if an entry only had choice extras no extras were displayed
  • Booking: stop sending ‘refund overdue’ emails to property manager after 30 days
  • Bookster: fix 'booking calendar' css leaks 
  • Websites: only show the' book now' button for enabled providers
  • Websites: improved the handling of price sliders in the availability search widget
  • Websites: fixed bug in maps info window which caused blank windows to be displayed if a script was added to the page
  • Websites: all Joomla installations are now on v2.5 or above
  • Websites: add initial support for Google Analytics ‘Universal Analytics’

Platform update (v2.147)

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Admin Console: add an ‘Arrivals report’ to assist Cleaning, Operations and Meet & greet management

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: allow searching on payment gateway id
  • Admin Console: fix a problem where irrelevant Services would show up in Booking search filters
  • Admin Console: improve look when printing
  • Admin Console: update the iCal sharing help text
  • Admin Console: add support for stripe.js with wizard payments
  • Booking: added Stripe payment support to the responsive booking screens
  • Websites:  prevent automatic sliding kicking in again after manually selecting the next photo in a carousel
  • Websites: add a way to avoid the external URL check
  • Websites: avoid some 'Unknown' labels when displaying certain filter types
  • Websites: beef up the display options on URLs
  • Websites: do not set the start date on availability calendars from a cookie if the end date is not available

Platform update (v2.146)

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Admin Console: sub-menus now stacked vertically so all menu items are visible
  • Admin Console: minor update to look and feel
  • Admin Console: show the email confirmation status on a User profile
  • Admin Console: allow Subscription charges to change based on the number of Entries
  • Admin Console: show support ticket comments in Tribalogic Dev Tickets
  • Platform: updated all client websites (Bookster and Bespoke) to latest version of Joomla 2

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: added a character counter to 'per website' text fields
  • Bookster: improve the way that iCal availability feeds are generated
  • Bookster: improve the visibility of currency selection
  • Bookster: improve Stripe integration when signing up from within Bookster
  • Bookster: fix a problem that would prevent payments being taken when signing up for Stripe through Bookster
  • Bookster: fix a problem that would indicate an iCal availability import is not 'enabled' when in fact it was
  • Platform: fix Entry enquiry form captchas in Google Chrome
  • Platform: warn users if they have not confirmed their email address and allow them to resend the confirmation email
  • Platform: improved Entry search cache performance
  • Platform: allow for simple negation of search syntax for numeric searches
  • Platform: fix a problem that would make availability calendars break on some Bookster websites
  • Platform: fix a problem that would sometimes cause non-rounded prices to be generated and a booking to fail
  • Platform: added the concept of guest declarations to legals

Platform update (v2.144)

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Admin Console: major look and feel update

    • better layout in mobile context

    • removal of clutter to focus user on important tasks

  • Admin Console: improved commenting

  • Admin Console: booking “insights” now show up allowing quick access to bookings for guests arriving today, tomorrow etc.

  • Admin Console: addition of “Today”, “Tomorrow” options when filtering bookings

  • Bookster: can now define “Mandatory Extras” - an item that will always form part of a guest booking

  • Bookster: sign up for Stripe payments directly from within Bookster console

  • Platform: updated the database of placenames

  • Platform: new responsive booking screens for caravan parks and campsites

Minor updates and bugfixes

  • Admin Console: hide 'Accounting Entity' on Payment Gateway forms when possible

  • Admin Console: reworking of “wizard” processes, applied to various areas

  • Admin Console: improvements to help text in various areas

  • Platform: bug fixes to client using their own secure domain

  • Platform: update Google API settings

  • Platform: do not send confirmation emails for non-saved, blocked Enquires

  • Platform: update jcrop to 0.9.12

  • Platform: only set the calendar start/end dates form a cookie if the dates are available

Platform Update (v2.143)

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Admin console: add an arrival date search to the Bookings tab filters
  • Admin console: add simple export of Users that have registered on a website
  • Admin console: improvements to the WYSIWYG Element Editor - added the option to insert images, enter fullscreen mode and updated the iframe plugin
  • Admin console: add a welcome screen for Bookster users
  • Admin console: improvements to the booking profile page
  • Platform: upgraded server hardware (including the use of SSDs) for improved performance
  • Platform: make it possible to support alternative, client specified secure domains

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin console: improve the payment history formatting
  • Admin console: various bug fixes to the iCal availability import (set CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER when importing ical feeds, handle https icals, mark a feed as invalid if empty, handle when a google calendars has a checkin event and well a booking event.)
  • Admin console: use Angular JS to display comments
  • Admin console: hide the Google Analytics 'Stats' menu item if not needed
  • Admin console: new layout for the selection of Services
  • Admin console: improve the warning message when Bookster users need to pay their Subscription
  • Admin console: ensure login credentials are passed over when clicking across to view an Entry on live website
  • Admin console: update damage deposit help and show a warning message if no damage deposit is defined
  • Platform: move (some of) the website chrome via the static site/cdn
  • Platform: allow award images to be any size
  • Platform: fixed bug in WYSIWYG Element editor
  • Platform: fixed a bug with unique SagePay VendorTxCode
  • Platform: ensure that the property limit setting apply to all booking Services

Working in Edinburgh

Written by Melinda Gama

As part of my academic course, I am working with Tribalogic in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Scotland’s capital city: Edinburgh is one of the most attractive place in the United Kingdom; built on volcanic hills the city offers a panorama that is outstanding and beyond compare to its 486,120 inhabitants.

The impressive view on Arthur's Seat

The impressive view  of the city on Arthur's Seat


Through it’s history, heritage and iconic places Edinburgh is the top touristic destination in Scotland and second only to London in the United Kingdom.

The economy of the city is one of the most prosperous of the United Kingdom and unemployment rate is the lowest (2.4%). Therefore, many people choose to work here whether it be for a couple of months or for a lifetime.

Work placement in Edinburgh

I am a one of around 7,000* international students who seize the opportunity to come to Edinburgh, indeed thanks to the Erasmus programme it has never been easier to do a work placement abroad. The reason why Edinburgh appeals to so many students is based on it’s cultural wealth, some examples of which are:

Moreover the city has all the advantages of a capital (It is a dynamic city with many events) but without the disadvantages (the city is small enough to go almost anywhere on foot).

As part of my work placement I have been working on Bookster for two months. Bookster specialise in holiday rental businesses which is an asset because tourism is one of the booming sectors in Edinburgh thanks to the number of tourists coming every year.

bookster logo

Platform Update (v2.141 & v2.142)

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Admin Console: add a "load more" to the bottom of the dashboard for showing older dashboard events when available
  • Admin Console: add filters to the dashboard to make it easy to show only the type of event you are interested in
  • Admin Console: show all payments events in the dashboard
  • Admin Console: make it possible to publish and unpublish automatically using dates
  • Admin Console: add new "online / offline" toggle in listing Subscriptions to make it easier to take Entries offline
  • Admin Console: allow damage deposits to be deleted if the customer has not been emailed
  • Bookster: improve the text of the deposit form and allow the percentage deposit to be zero
  • Bookster: fixes to Rates UI in prep for user testing
  • Bookster: added VAT to subscription invoices
  • Bookster: in the rates page, hide the calendar if no rates are set
  • Websites: optimise images uploaded into the Platform for improved speed and score in Google PageSpeed
  • Websites: disable the submit button (availability search forms) unless valid dates are selected

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: tweaks to "pending payment" bookings
  • Bookster: add a currency symbol to the 'Minimum deposit' field
  • Bookster: do not show cursor when you can't click on the calendar
  • Websites: give website users the ability to update their mailing list preferences (something removed in error)
  • Websites: minify CSS and JS files where possible to improve performance
  • Websites: move CSS and JS files to a Content Distribution Network (CDN) to improve performance

Software Update (v2.140)

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Admin console: allow damage deposits to be taken over the phone via Payment Gateway
  • Booking: allow payments to be made by a guest (via the guest area) when a booking is created manually in the Admin Console
  • Booking: set a booking as "confirmed" when any payment is taken (against the value of the booking or damage deposit)
  • Platform: optimise all jpeg images uploaded to the Platform to help with Page Speed
  • Platform: track Google Analytic events for user sign ups, confirmations and registrations

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin console: suggest a payment amount when manually a payment
  • Booking: save card charges as "original charges" the first payment is made against the value of booking
  • Platform: add a very simple view class for showing tree images

Software Update (v2.139)

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Admin Console: major performance improvements
  • Admin Console: highlight 'payment not received' bookings in the dashboard
  • Joomla: add a feature to set a cookie and remember when users transfer from a Tribalogic Joomla website into the Admin Console
  • Platform: improve the social sign up page
  • Platform: improve the functionality that truncates text and presents a 'read more' link

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: fixed bug in the Bookster rates editor
  • Admin Console: fix a problem that would cause the WYSIWYG editor to fail when in a tabbed input field
  • Admin Console: fix a problem where 'promo codes' would inappropriately show up for some Properties
  • Platform: support getting the 'original' of uploaded files via the size argument
  • Platform: use the default search page over 'index'
  • Platform: fix a problem that would stop users from successfully filling out a Captcha when registering as a new user

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