Coming Soon Bookster Show Time

Written by Robin Morris

Coming Soon... Bookster Show Time

The ticket booking service for theatre companies

Show Time is an online booking service specifically designed for small theatre productions or anyone else who puts on a show, has their own website and wants to take ticket bookings.

In the 2nd half of 2009 Tribalogic will launch a booking service aimed at small theatre companies wanting to get online booking on to their own website.

See for more information.

Software Update (v2.65)

Written by Robin Morris

Software Update (v2.65)

The Tribalogic Platform has been updated to Version 2.65, which includes many bugfixes and features, some of the highlights are listed below:

Bookster Show Time

Bookster Show Time

Bookster Show Time is a service that allows shows and events to get their tickets online quickly and easily.

With this update, Bookster Show Time users now have full control over the number of tickets available to book.


New Console: Remember A Quick Filter

Back Button Joy

When you do a "Quick Filter" search in the new console, your search terms and page will be remembered for then you hit the back button or return to that search page.

Create Syndicates

New Console: Syndicates

Directory Managers can now edit and create new syndicates.

As we progress towards integration of directory and booking platforms, creating Syndicates is now the equivalent as the creation of "affiliates" in the booking system.

See the "System" tab when you are logged into the new console.


Syndicates and Affiliates

As part of our drive to integrate the Booking and Directory plaforms, Syndicates are now the new Affiliates

Creating a Syndicate will have the same effect as creating an affiliate used to: allowing the tracking of bookings and different branding of booking screens.


Reviews: when did you visit?

With this update, our comments and reviews feature now includes a "When did you visit?" drop down, giving more context to the review and allowing feedback from entries to be more relevant.

Did you know? The platform can be set up to allow administrators to moderate reviews before they go live.

Software Update (v2.64)

Written by Robin Morris

Software Update (v2.64)

New Location Selector


Since updating the basic structure of the platform it has been a bit of a pain finding the correct location to which a new or existing entry belongs.

We have improved the location selector so that it is a great deal easier to find the correct location!

Locations in URLs

We have created a more flexible location system resulting in location names being written into the URLs.

This should prove a boast for any or our directory sites when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation.

On The Fly Fish Directory:

"... fisheries/find/location/1116-scotland"

Moving towards single IDs

We are trying to move towards single IDs for all our entries so on full info pages:

  • 'Property ID:1234' or 'Supplier ID:1234'
  • becomes 'Entry ID: 5678'

This matches up with the number in the entry page URL.

New Console: Faster

Our new console should now feel snappier thanks to some optimisations that we have done when searching for entries and in general use.

New Console: Syndicates


Directory Managers can now see where their directory is syndicated to.

See the "System" tab when you are logged into the new console.

Software Update (v2.63)

Written by Robin Morris

20,000 lines we won't miss

We are still firmly on the march towards Version 3.0.

As part of this process, the last 2 releases of the software have seen a slimming down of our code by a mammoth 20,000 lines.

New Features and Updates

Return to your last search

One simple addition is that it is now possible to place a link on the full info pages of our directories that returns users to their last search.

Master Syndicates

One Entry, Many Listings

By using syndicates, specific listings can be created from the one directory.

For example, see The Edinburgh Address: All Apartments vs; Young Street Apartments.

As part of this release you can now ensure that only one version of your entry pages are visible to search engines.

If you would like this enabled, let us know which is your "Master Directory" and we will switch it on for you.

More Images

We have increased the image limit to 100 for any given entry.

This level is set in the admin console on a per package or entry-by-entry.

Bookster Show Time Interfaces

Tickets (seating areas) and their capacities can now be updated for a given show.

Performance names and times are also now configurable via the console.


  • Clicking on images in lightbox no longer take back to homepage
  • Sorting by reviews is working again

Sublayouts in action

Written by Robin Morris

Sub Layouts

Sub Layouts on Let in Edinburgh
Highlight entries - a search within a search

A recent improvement to the tribalogic directory software was to add the ability to place a "sub-layout" within a search.

This opens up all sorts of possibilities to our clients, and Rental Reserve have taken full advantage.

The use of Sublayouts has allowed Rental Rereserve to highlight entries that may be of interest to their surfers, the "Staff Pick", "Best Seller" & "Featured" entries on

The sub-layouts only return entries within the users search so filtering of the results further will still produce relavent "Staff Pick's" etc.

Nonsenseroom first with Bookster Showtime

Written by Robin Morris

Nonsenseroom first with Bookster Showtime

Edinburgh Fringe 2009

Nonsense Room Productions ( are the first users of Bookster Showtime, a service we developed specifically for them but are hoping other theatre companies and event organisers will be able to find it useful too!

Bookter Showtime allows Nonsense Room to sell tickets for their Edinburgh Fringe Festival shows through their own website:

Tribalogic wish Bruce, Simon and the rest of the Nonsense Room Productions team all the best for the festival... break a leg guys!

Ae Fond Kiss

Tickets and availability:

Treasure Island

Tickets and availability:

Software Update (31 May 2009)

Written by Robin Morris

Software Update (31 May 2009)

Over the weekend, we rolled out and update to our directory and online booking services.

Many of the changes are steps along the road towards Version 3.0 - some of the changes and new features are highlighted below.

Entry Names in URLs

From now on the name of an entry will appear in the URL when navigating through the directory. e.g. 

Improved Canonicalization

Searching for "microwave & WiFi access" will now generate the same URL as searching for "WiFi access & microwave" which will prevent presenting search engines with unnecessary pages.

There have also been improvements to the canonicalization of multi-page results linking.

All clients now benefit from 301-redirects to a single domain e.g in a browser, typing

  • "" now redirects to
  • ""

What is "canonicalization"?

Console UI improvements

We have made some improvements to the user interfaces in the new console*, allowing searching from more locations and giving user feedback when filtering searches.

*Booking only at present

New Metaphors

One of the primary goals of version 3.0 is to allow the administration of the booking system and directory from a single console and combine the metaphors used in both systems.

We have introduced the concepts of Websites, Directories & Syndicates replacing the old "Brands" and "Published Brand Searches".

Although not live yet booking clients will see similar changes soon - Directories replacing "Sales Channels" and Syndicates replacing "Affiliates".

One Directory, Different Layout

It is now possible for us to provide differently laid out search results in every Syndicate. We are using it already on Best of British:

This allows us to provide specialist syndicate on a given web site with unique URLs, filtered content and different layout.

Template Websites

The template website functionality, allowing an entry to have website like functionality, has been removed as this functionality can be completely replicated within our new layout system.

We have converted a number of the old template websites across to use layouts and are continuing the process of converting other templates that are still in use.

Software Update (19 Feb 2009)

Written by Robin Morris

We are making really good progress with improvements to our core systems, such as users, consoles and rationalising the concepts behind the directory and booking engines.

One of the fruits of this labour is our new stand alone booking system - Bookster...

Bookster Dashboard

Bookster BETA goes live

Get your holiday property online today!

Tribalogic have launched a BETA version of their new online booking system for holiday property letting.

It is FREE to sign up and will accept your booking for free until March 18th! Sign Up now and try out Bookster for yourself!

  • Innovative and simple booking process
  • Easy rates editor
  • No Payment Gateway required
  • No set up fee
  • No annual contract

Check out!

Tracking Booking Affiliates

Booking affiliates can be tracked by point point to a URL "/welcome/<affiliateid>". (on Joomla this would typically be /directory/welcome/<affiliateId>).

This will track the affiliate in both session and cookies then 301 redirect to the home page. This should mean that inbound links of this kind are good for SEO.

AA Directions on Caravan Sitefinder

We have integrated AA directions and mapping into to allow step-by-step directions to be shown on the location maps for caravan parks.

Example: Golden Sands Park Location Map

Also in this update:

  • Sub-Layouts - In listing pages, would it be nice to highlight some of the search results before the main body of results? This is now possible through sub-layouts.
  • New Zend Framework 1.7.4 - As always, we are keeping up to date with the latest version of the Zend Framework.

A Snowy Day in Edinburgh

Written by Robin Morris

Gerome has taken this photo from our office on Rutland Square in Edinburgh looking through to Princes Street - it is nice to have some proper winter conditions for once instead of the standard Scottish winter of wind and sleet!

Rutland Square in Snow

Bring on more snow and we can start sledging to work!