A Bright Future with Haymarket

Written by Robin Morris

Tribalogic and Haymarket continue to build on a successful relationship

Haymarket Logo

Tribalogic are delighted to announce the continued arrangement helping Haymarket develop and grow Caravan Sitefinder, an online booking presence and related camping and caravanning websites.

Software Update (v2.73)

Written by Robin Morris

Software Update (v2.73)

Bookster ShowTime

Two Month Widget

Rosslyn Chapel Logo

Our ticket and event booking software, Bookster ShowTime now includes a two month wide widget for placing on your site.

See the the two month widget in action on the Rosslyn Chapel website.

Bookster ShowTime is quick, easy and is letting us trial online booking without any fuss

Simon Beattie, Interpretation Manager

Sold Out!

Theatre production company, Nonsenseroom sold out their run of "A Christmas Carol" at Rosslyn Chapel over Christmas.

Congratulations to all the cast and crew!

Client Profile - Gareth Thomas: Rental Reserve

Written by Robin Morris

Client Profile - Gareth Thomas: Rental Reserve

Rental Reserve logo

Gareth Thomas is the Marketing & Development Director for Rental Reserve

Rental Reserve operate marketing websites for self catering apartments and holiday homes across the UK allowing real time online bookings to be made by customers.

We conducted a little question and answer session to get an insight into what makes Rental Reserve tick:

You have been operating Rental Reserve for a couple of years now, how are you finding the self catering industry?

There's a fantastic community out there. It's a little hidden and took a while to find, but we're working on giving the industry a voice. From small single property owner/manage set-ups to larger investment backed operations. Everyone has something to add to the discussion - making the industry a better place for everyone.

Why should property owner list their site with you?

We're quite unique in the way we work with property managers. We engage with our clients to build long term relationships that work well for them and us. Because of our commission model, it's essential to us that we get as many quality bookings as possible. Which ensures we're on the same path as the people we work with.

Why should holiday makers book through Let in Edinburgh?

We have the widest collection of quality properties with instant availability and price information. This creates a competitive environment where the guest can choose from the best quality and get a great deal. Seeing so many properties side by side makes it so much easier to book the right property, as does the instant online booking we provide.

As with our support for property managers, we're only ever an email or phone call away to give help and advice whenever needed.

Your Edinburgh site, Let In Edinburgh, has been particularly successful - where next?

That's a good question! Luckily we're spoilt for choice as we enter the next phase of the business. We already have a few plans in the pipeline for both national and international websites. We'll take the same ethos and ideas that we've developed whilst growing Let In Edinburgh to our next location, and we can't wait to see what awaits!

Which areas of your sites are you most proud of?

We've been working hard to improve the quality of properties on offer. The rewards for this work are really starting to come through now, both in terms of the feedback we get and our bottom line figures. It's actually really enjoyable to train clients on our software, especially when they start to see the results.

How did the Tribalogic Platform help you kick start your business?

We carried out a lot of research before choosing which platform to use. As an internet-based company, our website (and the software behind it) are effectively the equivalent of bricks and mortar in a traditional shop.

Nothing even came close to what Tribalogic offer. I'm confident in saying we would not be anywhere close to our current position if it wasn't for the running start the software gave us.

How has the Tribalogic Platform helped you grow your business?

The platform is so scalable that it's ready to grow when we are. Nothing is added to the software without thinking a few steps forward. Beyond the software though, the support of the team is what really makes working with Tribalogic the logical and enjoyable choice. To know your dealing with experts is priceless. To want to go back and work with them over and over is what really makes the difference for us.

Relavent Links

Products Rental Reserve Use

Nonsenseroom tickets live with Bookster Show Time

Written by Robin Morris

Nonsenseroom tickets live with Bookster Show Time

A Christmas Carol

We are delighted to announce the online sale of Nonsense Room Productions Christmas show using Bookster Show Time once again.

Following the highly successful use of Bookster Show Time to sell tickets through their own website for their Edinburgh Fringe shows, they have decided to use it again for their Christmas event.

See nonsenseroom.co.uk for more details and to book your tickets today!

Embedded on Visit Midlothian

Visit Midlothian have also embedded the Bookster Show Time calendar on their site allowing visitors to book tickets to A Christmas Carol

Explaining Directories, Syndicates and Websites

Written by Robin Morris

Explaining Directories, Syndicates and Websites

I have posted a little explanation of some of the basic concepts in our platform on to our support forum.

Hopefully this helps to explain some of general ideas around which our platform is based:

  • Directories;
  • Syndicates;
  • Websites.

Take a look on support.tribalogic.net

Directories, Syndicates and Websites

Software Update (v2.68)

Written by Robin Morris

Software Update (v2.68)

We have updated the Tribalogic Platform to version 2.68. Here are some of the the major improvements we have pushed out in this release.

Edit Dates On The Fly

Allow surfers to adjust their dates from within a search
Edit Dates and Party

Our property agency websites can now be setup to give surfers the ability to change date ranges and party size while they are within their search results.

No more visits back to the home page to alter dates!

For examples of this in action, check out:

Bookings: More Details

Hold your booking information in Bookster

Bookings in Bookster Self Catering and Bookster Self Catering Pro now allow the storage of additional information related to your bookings.

This allows for use of Bookster / Bookster Pro as more of a management tool.

Add the following fields to your booking:

  • Arrival time
  • Departure time
  • Security deposit
  • Security deposit refunded

Look for the "management" link when viewing a booking in the console.

More details in booking Excel export

Get all booking info into your systems
Excel Export

As well as allowing more details to be stored with each booking, we have also added more columns to the bookings list Excel export.

The following columns are now included:

  • Outstanding balance
  • Party size
  • No. of extras
  • Arrival time
  • Departure time
  • Security deposit received
  • Security deposit refunded

Payment Gateway Options

More payment gateway integrations

In what has been a extraordinary undertaking, we have completely rewritten how our payment gateway integration works in order to allow support of additional payment gateways within our platform.

We now support:

  • Cyber Source
  • PayPal
  • Sage Pay (aka Protx)

Adding additional payment gateway solutions will now be easier than it was previously.

Other Updates and Improvements

  • [update] - Improve the loading time of location selector in members console
  • [bugfix] - Fix the featured entry click count from Joomla modules
  • [bugfix] - Stop En Suite turning itself on when it should not
  • [bugfix] - Fix the add period link of the extra tab in IE8

Mandriva Linux Community Words: Colin Guthrie

Written by Robin Morris

Mandriva Linux Community Words

Our head of technical team Colin Guthrie is an active contributor to the Mandriva Linux distribution - he was asked about his development efforts and why he chooses to give his spare time to push forward free and open source software.

A few of his answers...

When did you start contributing to Mandriva Linux and why?

I officially started contributing to Mandriva back in September 2006 although I had been doing various unofficial packages for a while. I had been a long time user (since back in about 2001-ish) and a fairly regular voice on the cooker mailing list since around 2003. Originally I had been making packages for Compiz as I like pointless eye candy and Olivier Blin said I really should get myself a cluster account considering the amount I do!

Any specific reasons to choose open source software?

For me it's an ideology thing. I'm certainly no Stallman, but I do believe that everyone has the right to a Free computing platform...

How do you see Linux place both for end users and companies in coming years ?

I think it's an interesting place right now and, if I'm honest I'm not sure where it's going on the desktop. More and more services are moving to the "cloud" and I think that a high speed, fully connected world is the ultimate future but is a decade or so away. I think the future may be more light weight Linux installs (when everything is cloud based there is no need for Windows), but even for the short to medium term (read next two decades) desktop Linux will continue to grow in my opinion.

Check out the Q & A session in full at blog.mandriva.com.

Software Update (v2.66)

Written by Robin Morris

Page Replacements

Syndicate Specific Text

Place different text elements on each Syndicate.

For SEO flexibility publishing more than one Syndicate, we have introduced Page Replacements.

Example on Caravan Sitefinder:

We can include placements in a layout that can be altered by the administrator on a per Syndicate basis.

Zend Framework Update

Keeping up to date

As part of the v2.66 we have updated the underlying Zend Framework software that provide the backbone of The Tribalogic Platform - we are now using version 1.9.1.

More information on the update is available on the Zend Framework website.

Bookster Pro

We are in the process of developing an advanced version of the Bookster Self Catering online booking service.

Bookster Pro will be for agencies of self catering properties that are looking to get an edge over their competitors.

For more information, visit www.booksterhq.com/bookster-pro.html.

Visit Midlothian Revamped

Written by Robin Morris

Visit Midlothian Updated

Visit Midlothian gets a visual overhaul from Digital Design Scotland

Visit Midlothian has been on the Tribalogic Platform for a couple of years and was due for a little graphical and design restructure.

Visit Midlothian

The Midlothian Tourism forum asked Digital Design Scotland to take a look at the Visit Midlothian site and give it a wee facelift and boy have they done that!

The site uses the Triablogic Platformto allow (among other things):

  • public browsing of attractions, accommodation & restaurants in the midlothian area;
  • public reviews and comments;
  • Midlothian Tourism Forum members to log in and update their entry;
  • Midlothian Tourism Forum administrators to log in and update all entries.


Our Joomla! integration allows both Digital Design Scotland and The Midlothian Tourism Forum to log in and update the news stortes and events listings on the site.

Some nice additional touches are the integrated Twitter RSS feed, newsletter sign up, Flickr photo pool feed and Facebook page.



Who is contributing?

Written by Robin Morris

Participation Inequality: Encouraging More Users to Contribute

I stumbled upon this interesting article from Jakob Nielsen regarding user participation which explains that in general a tiny fraction of your user base will be the leaving reviews or posting comments.

"... a tiny minority of users usually accounts for a disproportionately large amount of the content and other system activity."

The article also points out how this tendency for an exceptionally small minority to engage can skew feedback when trying to garner useful information from your user base.

In general, who is likely to be contributing reviews to your directory and participating in your social website?

  • 90% of users are lurkers (i.e., read or observe, but don't contribute)
  • 9% of users contribute from time to time
  • 1% of users participate a lot and account for most contributions

See www.useit.com/alertbox/participation_inequality.html