Software Update (v2.81)

Written by Robin Morris

397 files changed, 15,181 insertions(+), 62,037 deletions(-)

Major Changes

  • Hide Zero Score Entries: entries that have a score of zero or below will no longer be shown in the directory, providing a simple way to remove entries from view.
  • Bookster Rooms: with this release, we have laid the groundwork for a new product that will be suitable for guest houses, B&Bs and even small hotels, we are calling it Bookster Rooms... more information to follow.
  • Improvements to Bookster ShowTime Performances, Extras and Availability (learn more)
  • Admin Console: add ability to filter bookings by group

Other Changes

  • Upgrade to Zend Framework 1.10.6
  • Show source of booking when viewing entry "dashboard" in console
  • Show when a booking has been cancelled when viewing entry "dashboard" in console
  • Show the syndicate list more appropriately/accurately
  • Improve logging of errors/warnings on the live server
  • Add a new cache backend: Database
  • Support an internal-only OR based facility/recreation filter
  • Fix the Excel download in brand console
  • Fix console logout URLs when inside Joomla / Drupal
  • Add extra debug to image cropping
  • Improve speed of AJAX calls from booking calendars
  • Better email validation on entry contact forms
  • Allow review character count to be configurable per directory
  • Fix availability by day - jump to next date with availability
  • Admin Console: allow new entries to be created and added to an existing subscription

Faster response times matter

Written by Robin Morris

Why faster response times matter

We are constantly looking at ways of improving the performance of our platform allowing it to respond more quickly to users - whether it is writing faster database queries or introducing various server side caching layers.

Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox is a fantastic usability newsletter and as he points out speed does matter.

Responsiveness matters for 2 reasons:

  • Human limitations, especially in the areas of memory and attention (as further discussed in our seminar on The Human Mind and Usability). We simply don't perform as well if we have to wait and suffer the inevitable decay of information stored in short-term memory.
  • Human aspirations. We like to feel in control of our destiny rather than subjugated to a computer's whims. Also, when companies make us wait instead of providing responsive service, they seem either arrogant or incompetent.

Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox

Flexible listings

Written by Robin Morris

Flexible listings

Let In Edinburgh Listing Pages

The Tribalogic Property Agent Website includes our powerful and flexible directory.

A good example of how this has been put to full use can be seen in the way that Rental Reserve have chosen to layout listings on their city breaks apartment websites.

See them in action on

Or, list your property on Rental Reserve.

New feature: image cropping

Written by Robin Morris

New feature: image cropping

Image cropping in directory

Directory entry image cropping - no more squashed images!

As part of the v2.79 update to the platform, we have met a long standing desire of our users and added the ability to crop images uploaded for the directory.

Uploading an image for an entry is now a two stage process.

  1. Upload
  2. Crop

This produces images of the perfect aspect ratio for the directory and eliminates distortion.

Software Update (v2.79)

Written by Robin Morris

60 files changed, 2651 insertions(+), 388 deletions(-)

Major Changes

  • New Feature: in the Console, provide an Image Cropping interface when uploading entry images
  • New Feature: in the Console, allow searching of bookings based on Syndicate ID in advanced search
  • New Feature: in the Console, account for the payments taken via Payment Gateways in our Accounts system.
  • New Feature: Add Gravatar support into the Console for bookings and people
  • Update: Add ability to link to other layout pages generically
  • Update: make pagelink work for linking to entry pages too
  • Update: Increase the chrome cache time to 4 weeks
  • Update: Make the review editing system the same as the initial input WRT rating stars
  • Update: Zend Framework 1.10.4
  • Update: Tiny Sort 1.0.4.
  • Update: jQuery 1.4.2
  • Update: jQuery UI 1.8.1
  • Bugfix: Do not put COOKIE values into the HTML.
  • Bugfix: Fix up booking redirection when the arguments to the page contain the string '.php'
  • Bugfix: Fix user-side sorting in javascript. The whitespace is annoyingly important.
  • Bugfix: fix the link in email when a review has been responded to
  • Bugfix: update text and remove deprecated funtion call
  • Bugfix: Fix the review moderation thing to work with the permissions system
  • Bugfix: Make sure the distance is calculated and used for ordering even when using the new search system
  • Bugfix: Fix caching for websites that have no published syndicates

iPhone friendly console

Written by Robin Morris

Console in iPhone

Improving the experience of our console on the small screen

We have made some small changes to the console to make it easier to view on the Apple iPhone.

While you our clients are out and about, it is now possible to keep an eye on bookings.

Speeding up for Google

Written by Robin Morris

Speeding our websites up for Google

With the news that Google now take into account page speed in their ranking of web sites, we are trying to speed up our sites as much as possible.

For example, where possible we are:

  • turning on compression for serving text files;
  • minifying our CSS/JavaScript/HTML;
  • using deferred loading techniques in our JavaScript.

We are getting pretty good results and our sites are really starting to fly (see or

We are using Google's own Page Speed Firefox/Firebug tool as a guide to our progress, increasing one of our sites we looked at from 58/100 to 83/100 of their scale.

Best of all, because all of our sites are served from our platform, most of the benefits are passed on to all of our clients.

Software Update (v2.77)

Written by Robin Morris

Software Update (v2.77)

Recently Visited Menu

Console: recently visited drop down

We have added a great new drop down menu that expands on the recently visited tabs to give console users access to the previous fifteen items they visited.

The recently visited tabs have been a huge hit with our users and will be right there waiting for you the next time you log in, making it much easier to return to the tasks you were doing during your last session.

Software Update (v2.76)

Written by Robin Morris

Software Update (v2.76)


Console: Advanced FIlter

Console: Advanced Filtering

When searching in "My Entries" and "My Bookings" Bookster Self Catering and Bookster ShowTime users can now filter their results in a more refined manner using the advanced filters.

Console: Groups

Those with access, can now:

  • assign entries to groups
  • update existing group details

Console: Add Entry Improvements

We have introduced a Syndicate setting that allows the syndicate manager to specify which Syndicates appear in the add booking form.

Console: Assume user identity

If you have the highest level of access in the console, you can now view exactly what any given user can view. We will be rolling this out to Directory Managers in due course.

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