The World Junior Curling Championships

Written by Robin Morris

WJCC-logoThe World Junior Curling Championships (WJCC) are using Bookster ShowTime to take bookings for the international event taking place in the Dewars Centre, Perth between 5th and 13th March 2011.

The WJCC is an annual international curling championship for players under 21 years of age and has been taking place since 1975. The Championship usually lasts over eight days.

There will be players and spectators from all over the world coming to play for or watch their nation and they been able to book in advance through Bookster ShowTime.

Junior Men’s Teams: Scotland (SCO), Canada (CAN), China (CHN), Czech Republic (CZE), Denmark (DEN), Finland (FIN), Norway (NOR), Sweden (SWE), Switzerland (DEN), USA.

Junior Women’s Teams: Scotland (SCO), Canada (CAN), Czech Republic (CZE), France (FRA), Japan (JPN), Norway (NOR), Russia (RUS), Switzerland (SUI), Sweden (SWE), USA

Good luck to all the competitors and we at Tribalogic are excited to have played a small part.


New! Email marketing suite

Written by Robin Morris

Campaign Snapshot

This is something we are really excited about.

We have added a fabulous tool to the Platform that will allow our Website clients to send marketing emails to visitors who:

  • place a booking;
  • send an enquiry;
  • register; or
  • leave a review.

This will allow you to communicate effectively with visitors that have expressed an interest in your services in the past.

The mailing lists will be kept up-to-date automatically by our platform, allowing you to focus on communicating with your clients.  If someone recieves an email from you and decides to unsubscribe, the email software will keep a track.

There is fantastic reporting and even A/B split testing so you get the most from your emails.

For example, you can now set up an auto-responder to email:

Auto populated mailing lists
  • a couple of days after a guest books;
  • a year after they booked; or
  • a few days after departure.

Ask us today about setting up email marketing for your site!

We offer two simple ways to pay for your email campaigns and you can switch between the two at any time that suits.

Software Update (v2.91)

Written by Robin Morris

Major Changes

  • Email marketing: integrate an email marketing tool that allows Website managers to send emails to various visitors to their site
  • Email marketing: automatically add visitors that register for a website account to a mailing list
  • Email marketing: automatically add visitors that leave a review to a mailing list
  • Email marketing: automatically add visitors that enquire to an entry to a mailing list
  • Email marketing: automatically add visitors that book to a mailing list
  • Email marketing: allow the creation of mailing list that registered users can subscribe to/from within user console
  • Console: speed up Dashboard page when loading items from many areas
  • Console: in the list of reviews, allow inline moderation to speed up the process of moderating or deleting reviews
  • Console: add buttons for showing "new", "moderated" or "deleted" reviews in the Reviews Tab
  • Websites: support large image slideshows
  • Platform: update to Zend Framework 1.11.3

Other bug fixes and changes

  • Fix problem with reviews not saving star rating
  • Further conversion of legacy code to use Zend Framework
  • Move some content from old features to new elements

Software Update (v2.87)

Written by Robin Morris

Major Changes

  • Bookster Self Catering
    • Booking screens: can add foreground background and text colour
    • Emails: restyled
    • Emails: can include logo
    • Share: added info about preselecting dates and party sizes to the share tab
    • Deposit: can ask Bookster to take full balance for late bookings
  • Bookster ShowTime
    • Booking Screen: can add foreground background and text colour.
    • Emails: restyled
    • Emails: can include logo
    • Share: added info about preselecting shows and dates to the share tab
  • Platform
    • Packages: can add / delete packages in the Admin console
    • Packages: can update (will update entries if the package changed option was the same value as the entry option)
    • Packages: can assign a package to an entry
    • Subscriptions: can now create, edit and view subscriptions
    • Subscriptions: can now add / remove entries to a subscriptions
    • Subscriptions: can now add / remove user access to subscriptions
    • Entry owner info: added more details
    • Entry owner info: added the contact details
    • Dashboard: add user registrations to timeline
    • Client sites updated to Joomla 1.5
    • Joomla! module for including entry listing content (unordered list, ordered list, thumbnails, images, large images, comma separated)
    • Payment gateways: introduce a 5 way fallback

Other changes / bug fixes

  • Update Zend Framework to 1.11.0
  • Entry name was editable by non directory managers
  • Extras bug when you deleted an extra it wasn't being deleted from a group
  • Rates (bookster) there was a bug where if you set a nightly rate but didn't set a rate period the system didn't give a save error but the night rate wasn't saved. It how should have a dialog to warn you about night rates that will be lost.
  • Javascript for prices if the nightly rate was over 1000 (had a , eg 1,200) only the bit before the comma was used. - couldn't set nightly rates > 1000

Console updates

Written by Robin Morris

We are constantly improving the Tribalogic Platform and one of the more visible ways it through updates to our Administration Console.

Triblogic logoOur march to move from the old Brand Console to our Administrator Console continues.

There are plenty of updates that will make life easier for Directory and Websites administrators.

In recent weeks we have added the ability to:

  • set entry package level;
  • view users registered on your website;
  • update services / subscriptions;
  • edit entry ownership / contact information;
  • update group details;
  • assign group membership.

We have also added new user registrations to the dashboard so you can keep your finger on the pulse of who is registering on your website.


Package Allocation in the Admin ConsoleUsers tabs in the Admin consoleGroup allocation


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Updating Joomla!

Written by Robin Morris

Joomla! 1.5

Keeping our clients up-to-date

The vast majority of the websites on our platform include a hosted and maintained Joomla! installation for general content management needs.


We provide a hosted and maintained service so our clients are up with the latest security and feature releases of third party and open source software we take advantage of.

Google Analytics: Event Tracking

Written by Robin Morris

Google Analytics: Event Tracking

Event Tracking in Google Analytics is a way of injecting custom data to be stored for analysis later.

We have implemented an integration with Event Tracking that will let you more easily view user activity in your directory.

Our directory websites (such as Property Agent Website) are now pushing more useful information into Google Analytics using Events.

By default we will now track:

  • Result Count
  • Total Time (ms) [time taken for a search in our directory to be performed]

Additionally, if you ask us to we will throw in information about clicking on entry names, entry images, weblinks, email links, booking buttons etc


Goodbye Gerome, Hello John

Written by Robin Morris

Goodbye Gerome, Hello John

Last month saw a change in faces around the Tribalogic Lair, with the arrival of John and the departure of Gerome.

Software Update (v2.82)

Written by Robin Morris

325 files changed, 8733 insertions(+), 12578 deletions(-)

Major Changes

  • Directory Categories - Improved editor for updating categories and include the categories names into URLs
  • Bookster ShowTime - Allow the deleting of performances
  • Bookster ShowTime, Bookster Pitch and Bookster Rooms - Add "go to date" link when looking at availability

Other Changes

  • bring our version up to Zend Framework 1.10.7
  • Update to 0.5.4 of Dynatree
  • Add additional validation for email addresses when making bookings
  • Track who made a manual bookings through the "Add Booking" form
  • Only ask for one telehpone number on the booking screens
  • Allow users subscribed to a service to add new entries to this service if allowed
  • Add "group_id" field to the booking export (useful for Property Agencies)

Coming Soon - Bookster Rooms

Written by Robin Morris

Coming soon... Bookster Rooms


We have developed interfaces to our booking platform that are suitable for B&Bs, Hostels and small Hotels.

It will be called "Bookster Rooms".

Bookster Rooms will include:

  • many of the features of Bookster Self Catering;
  • set up rates for multiple rooms;
  • booking screens that allow the selection of multiple rooms;
  • extras that apply to all or only one room type.

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