Admin Console: Assigning Entry Managers

Written by Robin Morris

Assigning Entry Managers in the Admin Console

New in the Admin Console!

We have now enabled the assigning of Entry Managers in the Admin Console.

What is an Entry Manager?

An Entry Manager is a User of your Tribalogic Website that can log into the Admin Console and update the details of their Entry (or Entries).

Moving to the Admin Console

This is something that used to be the preserve of the old Brand Console.

As we move functionality to the Admin Console, the day when we can completely kill off the Brand Console comes closer and closer.

Who will benefit?

Any client with a Website on the Tribalogic Platform (e.g. a Property Portfolio).

To assign a user and a Manager for a given Entry it is a simple case of typing in the name of the user and clicking the "+" button.

This change was part of update v2.101.

Software Update (v2.101)

Written by Robin Morris

Major Changes

  • Admin Console: Enquiries now appear in the Dashboard
  • Admin Console: Add the ability to assign a user to a single Entry

Minor Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Admin Console: Add autocomplete feature to tags
  • Admin Console: Fix bug in filtering Entries by Directory
  • Admin Console: Scroll to save/cancel buttons on Tags form
  • Admin Console: Improve the System menu
  • Booking Screens: Fix IE8 problem that stopped people filling in some non-critical fields

Everything to Celebrate

Written by Robin Morris

Everything To Celebrate Logo

Tribalogic have designed and launched the website.

Everything to Celebrate provides events related companies around Edinburgh a website to promote their services and gives users handy tools to help plan an event.

Live. Fast.

The Tribalogic Platform gives them a host of features and functionality immediately, allowing EtoC to get their site live quickly and in a cost efficient manner.

Tribalogic provided:

  • Design
  • HTML / CSS build
  • Hosted and maintained website on the Tribalogic Platform

Key features

The key features of the Tribalogic Platform Everything to Celebrate are taking advantage of are:

New! Directory content in Joomla articles

Written by Robin Morris

joomla logo

Insert Directory Entries directly into your Joomla articles.

We have created a new Joomla Plugin allowing our Website managers to place their Directory content directly into their pages.


Suppose you are writing an article about a specific attractions - a restaurant or a café for example - why not include a list of the 5 apartments that are close by?


Or perhaps you are have an article that is assessing a specific area or location, why not show all the relevant Entries to that location?


Read more about the Tribalogic Platform and Joomla! »

Software Update (v2.99 & v2.100)

Written by Robin Morris

Major Changes

  • Drupal / Joomla: created a Drupal Filter and Joomla Plugin that allows directory content to be placed inside Drupal or Joomla articles
  • Admin Console: ZenDesk integration - clicking "help" can now log you directly into a ZenDesk support forum
  • Admin Console: move the "System" tab to new "settings" drop down menu

Minor Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Admin Console: logging out no longer kicks you out of the Admin Console which was quite disorientating
  • Admin Console: improve the "share" to make it easier to generate availability calendar and booking button HTML
  • Users: add the ability to track referring users

Software Update (v2.98)

Written by Robin Morris

Major Changes

  • Availability Searching:  a mode of availability searching that includes entries that do not have online booking is now available
  • Admin Console: Tags
    • Create and edit of Tags 
    • Search for Entries based on Tags
  • Admin Console: A Website's "Mailing list" management can now be done within the Admin Console
  • ZenDesk integration - single login: logging into our support system can be achieved using your Tribalogic login details

Minor Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Admin Console: move basic settings from Brand Console to Admin Console
  • Email Marketing Suite: Fix problem of review rating not being passed to Email Marketing Suite
  • Admin Console: Stop help text and link to basic search sometimes vanishing in advanced search 
  • Bookster: improve availability screen UI
  • Bookster: fix problem with availability screens
  • Bookster: fix a bug that sometimes caused Legals to not update

Why opening links in a new window is wrong

Written by Robin Morris

We regularly get clients asking us to open new links in a new window, usually when linking to external websites or booking screens - we always strongly resist and here is why.

1 - It is generally counter productive

The main reason clients resquest opening links in new windows is that they perceive it will leave their website open in the background and therefore users are more likely to come back to their site, in fact the opposite is true.

Users leaving to go to booking screens or other websites in fact lose the Back Button and History in their browser making it less likely they will come back to the original website and more likely they end up back at their favourite search engine.

The original site will sit in a background window or an another tab until the browsing session is over and they have completed their task (booked their holiday for example) or got bored.

This problem is even greater in tablet devices such as the iPad, as window management is more basic.

2 - It disempowers the user

By forcing a certain behaviour from a link different to what would be expected, you are in part destroying the mental model that the user has of where they are and what they need to do to get back to where they were before.

More information

For more informaiton, see some people that know more about this kind of thing than us....

Usability experts - UseIt - see number 9 in "Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design

It is also well explained at these sites: 

Caravan Sitefinder availability searching

Written by Robin Morris

sitefinder-avail-search-listings-1Yesterday, we pushed out live availability searching on Haymarket's camp site and caravan park directory website Caravan Sitefinder.

Caravan parks using the Goughware park management software, Park Resorts parks and caravan and camping parks utilising the Tribalogic Bookster Pitch interfaces can all publish rates and availability on to Caravan Sitefinder

Sitefinder visitors now have the ability to search for and book their tent pitch, caravan or motorhome pitch or even a holiday home.

See for more details.

Software Update (v2.97)

Written by Robin Morris

Major changes

  • The selection of packages in the Console (for example in Property Portfolio websites):
    • Improve selection of a Package
    • Show Score in drop-down of Packages
    • Allow modification of individual Elements that are applied to an Entry
  • New advanced filters in the Entries tab in the Console

Minor Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Add Joomla Administrator link to admin links
  • Restore 'View your entry' link in the Member Console
  • Fix bug that greyed out the Booking Timeline in full screen mode
  • Fix a bug that would allow links to entries without a score
  • Fix filter numbers when performing an availability search
  • Upgrade to jQuery 1.6.2 and jQuery UI 1.8.14

Aline's last day at Tribalogic

Written by Robin Morris

Victoria Street, EdinburghIt is our French student Aline's last day at Tribalogic before she heads back to Tours to continue her studies in International Business.

She has been a joy to work with, extermely helpful to our efforts to target new clients and always on hand with a smile.

As it is her last full day in Edinburgh, and the weather is so nice (a rare event in the time she has been with us at Tribalogic - sorry Aline... Edinburgh can do that to you) we asked her to have a wander around the town and take some photos of Edinburgh.

She has taken some great pictures and we have uploaded them to our Facebook page.

So from us all at Tribalogic, thanks for all your hard work Aline and good luck with your studies back in France!

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