Software Update (v2.104)

Written by Robin Morris

Major changes

  • Admin Console: redesigned Booking Profile page
  • Admin Console: redesigned Enquiry Profile page
  • Admin Console: now possible to show Google Analytics for single Entries or Groups
  • Mobile: can now detect mobile devices in Tribalogic Joomla! websites and use a different template (see example
  • Mobile: enable getting back to full website in Tribalogic Joomla! websites
  • Mobile: can detect mobile devices and display optimised content on same URLs as regular website
  • Bookster Self Catering: create a new property with sample rates and availability when new users register

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: improve the "Add booking" styling and UI
  • Admin Console: fix experience date bug when editing reviews
  • Admin Console: minor UI improvements
  • Admin Console: more moves towards deprecating the Brand Console

Caravan Parkfinder NZ update

Written by Robin Morris

Caravan Parkfinder NZ update!

We have updated Caravan Parkfinder NZ with a new look and feel.

We have taken the updates that we applied to Caravan Parkfinder AU and brought them to our New Zealand directory of campsites and caravan parks.

We are continually working on updates so keep your eye out for more improvements.

What has changed?

  • Joomla! template - general look and feel
  • scaled, responsive design - looks great on on mobiles and tablets (iPhones etc.)
  • branding - new logo and colours
  • free text location search on the home page
  • updated full info pages


Take a look for yourself at

Software Update (v2.103)

Written by Robin Morris

Major changes

  • New "Add booking" process
    • allow Administrators to place a booking even if it will cause a double booking
    • allow Administrators to override various rules that stop the public booking (reduced availability, check in/out rules, min-night stay etc.)
    • do not send confirmation emails when placing bookings in the Admin Console - this is now done separately (see below)
  • Allow Administrators to publish Syndicates to their Websites
  • New booking profile page
  • Allow Administrators to send or resend booking confirmation emails
  • Improve Bookster Self Catering availability calendar widget and booking screens styling
  • Change in permissions that makes it easier for clients to share entries

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • add a "clear" button to reset Admin Console searches
  • solve a problem that would have stopped Bookster users in Internet Explorer 7 & 8 from using the Admin Console
  • fix a problem that caused the Image Uploader fail in Internet Explorer under certain circumstances

The Edinburgh Address mobile version

Written by Robin Morris

The Edinburgh Address on iPhone book now

We have implemented a mobile version of The Edinburgh Address holiday apartments website.

To see it you will need to navigate to on your smartphone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry).

How did we do it?

So how did we go about showing mobile users a completely different interface?

  • the mobile device is detected using a Joomla! plugin which switches to a Joomla! template designed specifically for mobile devices
  • the mobile friendly interface is then achieved using the jQuery Mobile framework
  • we created some specific Tribalogic Platform pages to output mobile specific HTML and smaller image sizes


Which devices will it look good on?

It should look great on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry and many more... the list of jQuery Mobile supported platforms is impressive.

TEA-mobile-listing TEA-HTC-homepage The Edinburgh Address on Blackberry

Want a mobile version of your Tribalogic website?

Mobile is a rapidly growing sector, quickly becoming difficult to ignore.

We can give any of our websites a mobile interface.

Simply ask.

Client profile: Destination Edinburgh

Written by Robin Morris

destination edinburgh logo

Destination Edinburgh manage and maintain 18 gorgeous holiday apartments at three central and desirable locations in Edinburgh.

Bleep design studio provide the design for their website, also supply Destination Edinburgh ongoing maintenance and hosting.

Robin and all the staff at Tribalogic have been great to work with. Their software and the support is terrific and I would be happy to recommend them to future clients

Steven Horne - Bleep Design Studio

book now buttonOn the Destination Edinburgh website Bleep have incorporated Bookster Rooms availability calendars (e.g. to provide visitors availability and instantaneous online booking.

The booking screens are also branded to give customers more confidence in the booking process.

Bookster Rooms allows our team take bookings over the phone while visitors to the website can book easily and securely. The Sagepay integration has worked great for us too - with deposit payments going directly to our account.

Tribalogic have worked closely with our web designer to improve the effectiveness of our website and been on hand for advice when needed.

Andy Campbell - Destination Edinburgh

Destination Edinburgh staff all have individual access to bookings and apartment rates set up via the Admin Console. The Admin Console also allows staff to place bookings that have been taken over the phone or through channels other than via

New! Image uploader

Written by Robin Morris

We have updated the Entry Image Uploader in our Directory.

User interface

  • slicker user experience
  • better requesting of copyright permission

entry image uploader

Under the hood

We have made some fundamental changes to the way we deal with images in the directory, making it possible to do lots more in future.

  • now store original cropped images
  • can resize images on the fly for use within directories
  • static HTML cache of images code is now served when there are no changes
  • new types of images are easier to define for Directory Entry Types


See release notes from v2.102

Software Update (v2.102)

Written by Robin Morris

Major changes

  • Directory: clicking on any photo can now bring up the Lightbox Gallery
  • Directory: adding new types of images to Entry Types is now a lot easier
  • Directory: add captcha support to user registration to mitigate against spam user registrations
  • Admin Console: improvements in uploading images
    • New interface
    • Tracking on users that uploaded images
    • Better copyright warnings
    • now store the original images and resize on the fly as required
  • Bookster: new rates interface
  • Bookster: help with signing up to Payment Gateway
  • Booking: support for Cardsave payment gateway

Minor changes and bugfixes

  • Admin Console: minor stylistic enhancements
  • Admin Console: fix package score counter
  • Admin Console: add Message to registration explaining why emails are invalid usernames
  • Admin Console: fix a problem when trying to change a Users email address to one that already existed in the system
  • Directory: fix invalid HTML in content lists

New! Caravan Parkfinder AU update

Written by Robin Morris

Caravan Parkfinder AU update!


We have updated Caravan Parkfinder AU with a brand new look and feel.

We let Laura loose on the tired old design and she has come up with some brilliant updates.

We are still working on various bits and bobs so keep your eye out for more updates.

What has changed?

  • Joomla! template - general look and feel
  • scaled, responsive design - looks great on on mobiles and tablets (iPhones etc.)
  • branding - new logo and colours
  • free text location search on the home page
  • updated full info pages


Take a look for yourself at

    Email Marketing Suite: Auto Responders

    Written by Robin Morris

    Auto responders in our Email Marketing Suite make it easy to stay in touch with your subscribers without lifting a finger.

    emailQuickly build and schedule automated date-based campaigns. Send single emails or a sequence over time.

    I have outlined some examples of how you can schedule Auto-responders to work with our Platform.

    Example 1 - Keeping in touch after a holiday cottage booking

    12th Jan [booking]
    John Smith books Holly Cottage, arriving 10th July through (a Property Portfolio website)
     9th Jul [auto-responder]
    It is the day before John and his family are due to arrive at Holly Cottage - the auto-responder kicks in - he is sent an email to remind him of his booking and explaining how to pick up the keys
    20th Jul [auto-responder]
    A week after John departs, he is asked about his stay.  An email containing a link to a simple survey form made using Form Stack
    12th Dec [auto-responder]
    It is 11 months since he booked so John is sent an email reminding him that he booked his holiday cottage and asking him if he would like to book with Brilliant Holiday Lets Inc. again

    Example 2 - How did we do email

    20th Oct [enquiry]
    Oliver Markham sends an enquiry to a camp site on
    27th Oct [auto-reponder]
    Seven days after he sent his enquiry, an email is sent to Oliver asking if he found the information he was looking for and was there anything else we could do to help?

    Meet our designer

    Written by Robin Morris

    The Edinburgh Address

    Did you know that Tribalogic have an in-house designer?  

    Laura joined us a few months ago and has been helping us update our own branding, website and interfaces to our Platform.

    She is doing some great work and is available to help you too!

    Could you do with a little design?

    • Revamp your existing website
    • Design a new website from scratch
    • Everything to Celebrate
      Design email templates

    Examples of work done since joining Tribalogic

    Client websites

    Caravan Parkfinder AU

    For Tribalogic


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