Trip to Achnacarry

Written by Robin Morris

Myself and Laura headed north west from Edinburgh to Achnacarry to check out their nearly-completed apartments. We will be making a Property Portfolio Website for their new self-catering business so the invite gave us a great chance to get a feel for area and what is on offer.

And what a stunning place it is.

Photo of Achnacarry Castle (Keeshu at en.wikipedia)The journey itself was worth the trip, firstly taking in the Forth Bridge as we headed over the Forth before speeding on towards Perth, Dunkeld and then Pitlochry into the Cairngorm National Park and along the banks Loch Laggan (passing the Laggan Dam).

We then drove through Spean Bridge and then turned left at the Commando memorial before skirting Loch Lochy and arriving at Achnacarry.

Lorna (who will be looking after guests in the apartments) and her husband Alan welcomed us with cake and scones before I ran Lorna through some of the Bookster Self Catering interfaces and Laura was given a tour of the estate and the apartments.

There are four apartments in the old steading building, and they are going to be fantastic holiday apartments - a great base to explore the stunning surrounding area.

Keep an eye on for details and booking information.

Software Update (v2.107)

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Marketing Management Toolkit: initial features now live
  • Marketing Management Toolkit: add the ability to publish Promo codes to individual properties
  • Marketing Management Toolkit: add support for free/busy iCal integration
  • Directory: more information can now be placed into Google map tool tip and click boxes
  • Directory: add the ability to "cluster" Entries together on Google maps
  • Bookster Pitch: add support for "maximum night stay"
  • Admin Console: give Admins the ability to add a new Service

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Directory: remember Google maps zoom level and position in searches
  • Directory: upgrade to Google Maps API v3
  • Directory: add traffic to Google maps
  • Directory: add cycle routes to Google maps
  • Platform: upgrade to jQuery v1.7.1
  • Admin Console: fix a discrepancy in dates between Dashboard and Bookings tab
  • Admin Console: improvements to the "Share / own website" area
  • Bookster Pitch: fix a bug that would set the deposit percentage to always be 1%

Software Update (v2.106)

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Admin Console: Move ratings and recommendations into the Admin Console
  • Admin Console: Dropping support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7
  • Bookster Pitch: Added ability to select product types
  • Admin Console: Show score when viewing Listing Subscriptions
  • Admin Console: Combine Subscription management and "subscribed entries"
  • Directory: Move Facilities and Recreations over to be Elements

Minor updates and bugfixes

  • Admin Console: updates to booking icons
  • Admin Console: fix a problem when adding address information to new Entries
  • Admin Console: fix a problem that listed Entries that were not actually in the Subscription you were looking at
  • Admin Console: Subscription name becomes "customer name"
  • Directory: Move Guest book reviews and Professional reviews over to be Elements
  • Admin Console: Fix bug in searching for Uptake Date

Marketing Management Toolkit: pre-release offer

Written by Robin Morris

We are going to give our users the ability to significantly empower themselves and their colleagues. We are working on a Marketing Management Toolkit that will give you the levers to expand your business and cut down on administration.

Available in March 2012

The Toolkit will be available from March 2012, but you can grab a bargain now and take advantage of our 12 months for the price of 10 pre-release offer today!

Mobile version: Best of British

Written by Robin Morris

Tribalogic have made a mobile friendly version of the Best of British quality touring and holiday parks website.

Best of British mobile home page Best of British mobile listings

  • Lightweight for fast download on the move
  • AJAX loading
  • Identical URLs to full version for SEO and page sharing
  • Swipe to view image galleries on park pages

Closest to me

We have taken advantage of the locaiton services available on modern mobile browsers to find Best of British caravan parks closest to your current location.

Best of British mobile location request


Best of British mobile location listing

Keep your directory listings up to date

Written by Robin Morris

We have introduced a new Advance Filter in the Admin Console for our Website clients that will allow clients to see all of their Entries that need attention.


Ensure that your photos, descriptions and details are the correct ones, giving your website visitors the best possible information.

A very useful tool when it comes to:

  • search engine optimisation - fresh content is highly valuable
  • seeing which Entries have recently been updated by yourself or your clients

Under the "Entries" tab in the Admin Console, the Advanced Filter allows the narrowing down of Entries.

No longer supporting Internet Explorer 7

Written by Robin Morris

Internet Explorer 7From 22nd February 2012 we will no longer support the use of Internet Explorer 7 within our Admin Console.  

This will effect less than 2% of our users.

We will also stop checking client websites in IE7 as a matter of course.

Why can't we support it forever? 

Technologies and browsers move on, and we want to take adantage of them.

IE7 has limited support for HTML 5 and other web technologies that we want to use and give our users the best possible experience.


Internet Explorer 7 was released in October 2006 so it has had it's time.

Interested in watching IE7 use slowly vanish - check out

Packages become Services

Written by Robin Morris

We have made a big change to how Listings are controlled within our Websites.

Tribalogic Websites allow the listing and searching of Entries


There are lots of good reasons for us to make this change, even if it would appear to be more confusing than useful for some of our longer term clients.

Client relationship

The Service / Subscription model is better for representing your relationship to your client.

You can bundle multiple Entries together to reflect their relationship to your client.

Upgrade and downgrade

We can provide one great interface in the Admin Console for up/down grading Entries for both Listing and Booking services.

Automatically expiring Subscriptions

You can set an expiration date on a listing Subscription that will remind you to charge for a renewal or turn off the listing.

Future: charging for listings

In the future, we will be able to allow our clients to directly charge for Listings on their Websites.

Example: a typical holiday letting website


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Software Update (v2.105)

Written by Robin Morris

Major changes

  • Packages into Services
    • Packages have been converted into Listing Services
    • Entries assigned to a Package have been given a Subscription to the newly created Listing Service
  • Admin Console: new interface for upgrading / downgrading Subscriptions
  • Admin Console: Replace console messages with a single system
  • Admin Console: new advanced filter to show Entries that have not been recently update
  • Hosting: move to new hosting provider to improve scalability and performance (Linode)
  • Mobile: allow mobile versions to have identical directory URLs to full website version

Minor changes and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: Improve moderation of Reviews
  • Admin Console: Replace some pop-ups with jQuery dialogues
  • API: allow the setting the number of days before arrival when it is not possible to book
  • Investigate and fix Google Analytics tracking issue
  • Fix bug in multi-unit booking screens (assigning party members to products)
  • Continue to convert “Features” to new “Elements” in preparation for complete move into Admin Console from Members Console

Admin Console: updated booking page

Written by Robin Morris

We have updated the Booking page in the Admin Console to assist with usability.

Old booking page

old booking page

New booking page

new booking page

So why did we change?

The old booking page did not distinguish between the different elements on the page very well so it was difficult to read and take in at a glance.

Also, recent changes to our Platform made changes easier to carry out.

What did we do?

We had a look at all of the information that was on a booking page and tried to arrange it in order of importance to our Admin Console users.

We then moved the important information to more prominent areas and distinguished the areas from each other. It is now easier to take in a booking quickly without having to scan down the page.

In order to hide the information that is not often required, we have hidden it under expandable regions.

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