JustLodges.com nominated by the British Traval Awards

Written by Melanie Giraud

The British Travel Awards are the largest independent arbiter of UK consumer opinion on travel industry performance. 


Every year they ask holiday-makers and leisure travellers to vote for the travel and tourism companies they believe deserve recognition for the quality of service they offer.

And we are pleased to announce you that this year, our client, JustLodges.com have been nominated for Best UK Holiday Cottage/Self Catering Booking Company Award for 2012 by the British Travel Awards.

Software Update (v2.111)

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Management Toolkit: support added to take balance payments:
    • add a setting in the Management Toolkit to turn on balance payments
    • X days before the booking is due, send an email to the booker requesting a payment
    • inform Entry manager of balance payment via email
    • inform Entry manager of non-payment via email
    • add a facility that allows a booker to use a booking ref and email address to make a balance payment
  • Admin Console: allow the deletion of Listing Subscriptions from Entry Dashboard
  • Admin Console: show some information about Email Marketing Suite and login details
  • Directory: add the ability to have navigation controls on Entry slideshows

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: removed requirement to enter a managers name when creating a new Entry.
  • Admin Console: fixed a bug in the Tags editing widget
  • Admin Console: add a link to the log file statistics (Webalizer)
  • Admin Console: establish general principle for deleting content
  • Admin Console: highlight main image in photo editor
  • Admin Console: improve the showing of Directories when deleting listing Subscriptions
  • Legacy: removal of legacy awards code
  • Legacy: drop support for Late Deals
  • Cookie law compliance: update to allow for "implied consent"
  • Payments: fix multiple PayPal payments showing on bookings
  • Booking: fixed bug with dates in IE 9 when running in compatibility mode

Software Update (v2.109 & v2.110)

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • New cookie law compliance: Add a Website option that will display a pop-up message asking users to agree to the use of cookies
  • Layouts: move layouts towards being more like standard HTML for future viewing and editing by clients
  • Workflow service: add a new module that provides a "Workflow" service for some basic CRM functionality
  • Admin Console: allow Admin Users to delete non-empty Subscriptions
  • Directory: allow prices to be pulled onto full info pages using AJAX
  • Booking: allow bookings with a checkout date in the past to be cancelled
  • Booking: add "card fee" column to the booking export
  • Drupal: create a plugin to pull in directory content into a remote Drupal installation

Minor updates and bugfixes

  • Admin Console: fix Media Upload Gallery in some newer versions of Firefox
  • Directory: Tweaks to new Google Maps location interface
  • Directory: move Email and contact form into new element structure
  • Directory: Allow searching for multiple Entries using IDs, e.g.: www.website.com/directory/find/ei/12345+54321
  • Directory: when formatting an address, treat multi-line generic elements in the same way as different components
  • Admin Console: move "Add" buttons etc. to RHS and style
  • Performance: move a sanity check done every request to a 1-per-day server job
  • Performance: use shared layout skipping code to cut down on duplication
  • Performance: improve Directory caching of HTML snippets
  • Legacy: tidy up old consoles
  • Legacy: remove the "Disable Online Booking" feature
  • Legacy: remove the "generic" features
  • Legacy: remove the "Disable buying search" feature
  • Legacy: remove the "alpha" mode from multipage stuff
  • Legacy: remove users menu option from brand console as now available in the Admin Console
  • Legacy: remove the old map_service
  • Legacy: remove links to awards in Management Console
  • Legacy: remove system messages
  • Legacy: remove links back to the Admin Console from the Brand Console
  • Bugfix: the trace profile should validate the booking state when it is set
  • Bugfix: Legacy: Restore userajax.php for now as it's still used.
  • Bugfix: Booking: fixed bug when summing credit card details in booking export
  • Bugfix: fix bug in slider and added additional options
  • Bugfix: fix bugs in tlZend_Form_Element_Range
  • Bugfix: removed stray debug
  • Bugfix: properly continue on invalid embeddable things when trying to send emails
  • Bugfix: fix a bug with expanding override view on add booking page
  • Bugfix: fix payments-due for single, uncleared payments

Help... my bounce rate has gone up!

Written by Robin Morris

Our Website clients may have noticed a jump in the bounce rate when looking in their Google Analytics console.

bouce-rateDon't worry, this is Google fixing a problem that existed with Event Tracking and us implementing this fix in our Platform.

Why was the bouce rate low in the first place?

Our Platform has a clever feature that allows our Website clients to track various events as visitors browse their website.

For example, if a visitor lands on a Property page in a Portfolio Website, we track that and pass the information about the property into Google Anlytics.

Bug Hunt

Written by Colin Guthrie

When developing a Platform like ours, it's not uncommon to find (and squish!) bugs. However, when dealing with a web environment, it's often hard to nail down exactly where a given bug actually lives.


Adding Entries just got a lot easier

Written by Robin Morris

Adding Entries to your Directory just got a lot easier

add entry buttonWe have introduced a number of changes in the Admin Console over the past few months and a number of them have made the process of adding new Entries to your Tribalogic Directory more difficult. We are sorry about that.

We hope that now, it is a lot easier.

A simple "Add Entry" button is now available under your "Entries" (it may be "My Properties" for you) tab that presents a simple form.

How do I make my new Entry show up on my Website?

Simple - add it to a Listing Subscription.

add listing subscription

If you have any questions, drop us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit support.tribalogic.net

New! Property Portfolio: price sliders

Written by Robin Morris

Introducing price filtering for availability searching.

As an additional way to help your guests find the right holiday property for them, Property portfolio websites now support pricing sliders on availability searching.

availability search price slider

Website visitors can pick a minimum and maximum price to narrow their search and find the ideal holiday property to suit their budget.

How do I add this to my Property Porfolio website?

Drop us a support request and we will add it in for you.


Reserve Apartments: availability search in January 2013, min price £400, max price £1,200

Software Update (v2.108)

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Admin Console: general speed improvements
  • Admin Console: include images and appropriate information in Entries Tab
  • Admin Console: new interface for editing Entry Awards and Memberships
  • Admin Console: promote the Booking Timeline view from beta. Now works in all browsers we support
  • Platform: move Awards and Memberships over to new Element data structure

Minor updates and bugfixes

  • Admin Console: fix a problem that caused the Advanced Filter in the bookings tab to not show any filters
  • Admin Console: fixed wording for when a Subscription has no Entries
  • Admin Console: hide the MRU more/less button if there is nothing to expand
  • Admin Console: fix a problem what meant it was possible to save blank names for review recommendation values
  • Admin Console: hide the Booking Timeline if there are no bookings
  • Admin Console: display an error message if the user tries to export an empty bookings result set
  • Admin Console: when viewing a Service, hide subscription management tools if there are no Subscriptions
  • Admin Console: fix a problem when adding a booking that caused the duration to default to zero
  • Admin Console: fix a problem that would cause "host" message to be sent to a customer when adding a booking
  • Bookster: fix a problem that would allow low/mid/high rates were allowed to have the same value
  • Bookster: fix a problem that stopped the rates calendar from closing after selecting dates
  • Bookster Pitch: fix a problem that would block saving if a row with errors was deleted
  • Bookster Pitch: added month/year selection to availability date pickers
  • Directory: update Google Maps searching interface
  • Directory: log location searches for future use
  • Directory: remove the home button in Google Maps
  • Drupal: apply all security updates
  • Support: fix a problem with publishing development tickets into the support system
  • Template websites: on template websites, fix a problem that caused the booking form to stay within an iframe

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