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Each and every one of our clients get a full installation of the open source content management system (CMS) Joomla!

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Joomla - get control of your website

Joomla! AdministratorEverything you would expect from your CMS and a whole lot more... 

  • your website (homepage, about, contact, blog etc.)
  • styled to fit your brand
  • hosted and maintained
  • Tribalogic Platform content
  • lovely URLs
  • single login for Joomla and Tribalogic Platform administration

Publish your Directory onto your website.

Each Joomla! installation comes with the Tribalogic Component, allowing you to publish your directory onto your website.

Your listings, your way

The Tribalogic Platform has a flexible layout system, allowing you to specify where content should appear on your website.




Search engine friendly URLs


The Tribalogic Joomla! Module

joomla module on cpau

Modules are lightweight and flexible extensions used for page rendering.

Joomla! allows you to place Modules around your website and turn them on or off on the pages you want, we have developed a Tribalogic Module so you can show off your Directory content on any Joomla! page.

Modules are mostly visible as the “boxes” that are arranged around a component on a typical page.

Modules are assigned per menu item, so, for example, you can decide to show or hide the logon module.


Directory content within your article

It gets better... we also supply a Joomla Plugin that allows you to place Directory content directly in any article!

Why does that help... ?

  • Write an article about a location and show the Entries in your directory closest to that directory
  • Write an article about a special offer and show the Entries that are carrying that offer